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King Kelvin Power is a health & fitness brand. We’re focused on providing world-class health & fitness education, motivation, products, services and athletic facilities

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April 2020

It’s important to stay focused, stay positive and keep moving. Garmin is here to help you. Our smartwatches offer more than 20 built-in sports apps along with workouts you can do in your home. There are plenty to keep you busy and feeling good. Below are just a few ways to keep moving and stay active. Cardio, Strength, Yoga and Pilates workoutsOur Venue come preloaded with on-screen animated workouts. Simply go to your Cardio, Strength, Yoga or Pilates built-in sports apps to find them. The on-screen animations are available on Venue, They are

The more you use your phone, the faster it runs out of battery. Our bodies work the same way. The more stressful and active your life is, the faster your reserves are depleted. Our new Body Battery™, powered by Firstbeat analytics, helps you keep tabs on how much you have left in your tank. It offers an easy way to connect the dots between stress, recovery, sleep and physical activity. The higher the number (0-100), the greater your ability at that moment to focus, cope and bounce back from challenges. Sleep and